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Even booth Q&A

Here are some common Q&As for the stalls.

If the following content does not answer your doubts,

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I want to inquire about the contents of the joint stalls I filled in before, where can I find them?

Please refer to the form below:

SessionsCompany leaderEven content
Day1Tea Peach House-Bjd clothing productionChamooya-Bjd Clothing Production>九宅BJD>MoiRa - Moira>Sen Kuma. MoriKuma>Araknem* tree hole greenhouse
Day1Love SeamDollsvilla Enmi's Doll Shop>Love Seam
Day1ICExCATICExCAT>Luyang Luyan>Puppy Brocade Hall
Day1Orange Peel StudioOrange Peel Studio>The Bear in the Mountain 3
Day1MINI*MINIMINI*MINI>▼Delta Quadrant▲
Day1black magic doll departmentBlack Magic Doll Department>The Burning Witch
Day1Little Rose Planet Little Rose Planethotarubi firefly handmade>Little Rose Planet>::Ramp Corner::
Day1clothingAtelier Astrum ★星のAlchemy Workshop>Clothes and Food>One Rain Bamboo Bird
Day1ChocoBanaChocoBana>[ MUM IC ]
Day1Forest of Green LeavesForest of Green Leaves>Moon Reflection Water Environment
Day1Hua Shi YunHua Jiyun>Asteroid::B516>Shiyi Studio>Eye of Reality
Day1Orange Isle・Handmade Studioᴛʀɪᴏ ʀʜᴏᴍʙᴜs: Small Corner > Orange Isle・Hand-made Studio > Facial Paralysis Nursing Home > Miraculous Little ㄚ Lan > Goldfish Factory > God's Blaze > Thunder Family
Day1Apartment 13₊Apartment 13₊>ASEN'S ZONE
Day1eat pudding catSloth hair>eat pudding cat>CandyBox>Daily>Bitch
Day1BLUE BEARDormouse > BLUE BEAR > Mini Eggs
Day1SmokeNarclssus Narcssus> Eros Studio > Smoke > Oath of Rose Rose Vow> Aphrodite*Fu Paradise
Day1FiberZooLost Place> 25 ~coin de Dieu~> TRON > FiberZoo >Piiniature Lab
Day1Mon Jou JouMonJouJou>Dollremi
Day1【R】BJD【R】BJD> Rebeldom
Day1Fabri BJDFabriBJD>312bears,*>虓99
Day1BBLderBubulu's BBLder > Herb Dodder Carving-Noah's Cultivation Room> Deer Mann
Day1the old fieldthe old field>Counting Beast
Day1【Lan House】Miansen>BAF Workshop>Natsurika>Lashiya>Aoi*Kwai
Day1wedding dressFlower yarn wedding ornaments>Taro dog house>Plaid cat doll shop
Day2ICExCATPuppy Brocade Hall>Luyang Luyan>ICExCAT>Pocket House found on the stairs>Royal Cat House
Day2Cat X language drunk ancient styleCat X Language Drunk Ancient Style>Shimmer Creation
Day2black magic doll departmentBlack Magic Doll Department>The Burning Witch
Day2clothingAtelier Astrum ★星のAlchemy Workshop>Clothes and Food>One Rain Bamboo Bird
Day2QmawQBooKChurch of the Rose > Buckhorn Duck > QmawQBooK
Day2Object & Language HallStory & Language Museum>Mosakaten Studio>Bindilian Studio
Day2Mu YuexiaI really really want to get out of Qing>Mu Yuexia>Grabbing Wowo
Day2what's the matter with peanutsMoonlight Hunting > Peanuts > JuJu Carts > The Eye of Reality
Day2Second-hand groceriesSecond-hand groceries > KR > KK > Don’t miss it when you pass by
Day2[ MUM IC ]Konta N.->Duck-Duck>[ MUM IC ]>BoBo Taylor
Day2Crepuscular RaysCrepuscular Rays>Aphrodite*Fu Paradise
Day2eat pudding catShiny Lurika>Egg Pudding House>eat pudding cat>Flower Libaqiao>CandyBox
Day2FiberZoo25 ~coin de Dieu ~>Silver Moonlight > The room does not have 800 pings
Day2CLOUDLANDCLOUDLAND>Mozhufang>~Floating Light and Glimpse~ 6 booths in total
Day2Fabri BJDFabriBJD>虓99>Small workshop under the chestnut tree
Day2Dessert bar. sweets BARDessert bar. sweets BAR> can't be rustling
Day2wedding dressFlower gauze wedding decorations>Jade Cat Temple>Plaid cat doll shop
Day2BLUE BEARBLUE BEAR/Dormouse sleep/mini eggs
Day2boss! Your closet for small sizes and cotton dolls has exploded!boss! Your closet for small sizes and cotton dolls has exploded! >Cotton without cotton
Day2Laoyan XiaofangOld Goose Small Square>Lin Fei
Day2Cotton tree blooming cottonCotton tree blooms cotton > gardenia

Can the Day 1 stall be changed?

Day1 joint stallThe deadline for application is 2022/10/7. Since the booth sorting operation has already begun, the modification of the booth is not open!

Can the Day 2 stall be changed?

Yes, if you need to modify, please fill inApplication form for Day 2 one-trick and two-trick joint booth, we will arrange the joint booth according to the last version of content you filled in, and the previous content will be directly invalidated!
⚠Please note that the application for the joint booth is due until 2023/3/28, and it is not possible to apply for or modify the content of the joint booth after the deadline.

When is the application deadline for Day 2 joint stalls?

The application for the joint booth is due on 2023/3/28, and the content of the joint booth cannot be reapplied or modified after the deadline.

Can the one-trick admission booth and the two-trick admission booth on Day 2 be combined?

Yes, please fill in by the representative of the company leader according to the application regulations of the companyApplication form for Day 2 one-trick and two-trick joint boothThat's it.

Is there a fee for applying for joint sharing?

No, this is a free service!

How will the booths be arranged when applying for joint booths?

The organizer will try its best to arrange the sequence of stalls according to the requirements of the application form, but the sequence cannot be guaranteed.

If Day 1 and Day 2 both apply for joint stalls, will they be ranked in the same position?

Due to the different nature of the double-day activities between the stars, sobooth union on both day will be arranged separately..