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【Stand list】

The joint booth application for 2023/5/20 and 5/21 sessions has ended, please check the table below to confirm your joint booth application result.

SessionsCompany leaderEven content
Day1Tea Peach House-Bjd clothing productionChamooya-Bjd Clothing Production>九宅BJD>MoiRa - Moira>Sen Kuma. MoriKuma>Araknem* tree hole greenhouse
Day1Love SeamDollsvilla Enmi's Doll Shop>Love Seam
Day1ICExCATICExCAT>Luyang Luyan>Puppy Brocade Hall
Day1Orange Peel StudioOrange Peel Studio>The Bear in the Mountain 3
Day1MINI*MINIMINI*MINI>▼Delta Quadrant▲
Day1black magic doll departmentBlack Magic Doll Department>The Burning Witch
Day1Little Rose Planet Little Rose Planethotarubi firefly handmade>Little Rose Planet>::Ramp Corner::
Day1clothingAtelier Astrum ★星のAlchemy Workshop>Clothes and Food>One Rain Bamboo Bird
Day1ChocoBanaChocoBana>[ MUM IC ]
Day1Forest of Green LeavesForest of Green Leaves>Moon Reflection Water Environment
Day1Hua Shi YunHua Jiyun>Asteroid::B516>Shiyi Studio>Eye of Reality
Day1Orange Isle・Handmade Studioᴛʀɪᴏ ʀʜᴏᴍʙᴜs: Small Corner > Orange Isle・Hand-made Studio > Facial Paralysis Nursing Home > Miraculous Little ㄚ Lan > Goldfish Factory > God's Blaze > Thunder Family
Day1Apartment 13₊Apartment 13₊>ASEN'S ZONE
Day1eat pudding catSloth hair>eat pudding cat>CandyBox>Daily>Bitch
Day1BLUE BEARDormouse > BLUE BEAR > Mini Eggs
Day1SmokeNarclssus Narcssus> Eros Studio > Smoke > Oath of Rose Rose Vow> Aphrodite*Fu Paradise
Day1FiberZooLost Place> 25 ~coin de Dieu~> TRON > FiberZoo >Piiniature Lab
Day1Mon Jou JouMonJouJou>Dollremi
Day1【R】BJD【R】BJD> Rebeldom
Day1Fabri BJDFabriBJD>312bears,*>虓99
Day1BBLderBubulu's BBLder > Herb Dodder Carving-Noah's Cultivation Room> Deer Mann
Day1the old fieldthe old field>Counting Beast
Day1【Lan House】Miansen>BAF Workshop>Natsurika>Lashiya>Aoi*Kwai
Day1wedding dressFlower yarn wedding ornaments>Taro dog house>Plaid cat doll shop
Day2ICExCATPuppy Brocade Hall>Luyang Luyan>ICExCAT>Pocket House found on the stairs>Royal Cat House
Day2Cat X language drunk ancient styleCat X Language Drunk Ancient Style>Shimmer Creation
Day2black magic doll departmentBlack Magic Doll Department>The Burning Witch
Day2clothingAtelier Astrum ★星のAlchemy Workshop>Clothes and Food>One Rain Bamboo Bird
Day2QmawQBooKChurch of the Rose > Buckhorn Duck > QmawQBooK
Day2Object & Language HallStory & Language Museum>Mosakaten Studio>Bindilian Studio
Day2Mu YuexiaI really really want to get out of Qing>Mu Yuexia>Grabbing Wowo
Day2what's the matter with peanutsMoonlight Hunting > Peanuts > JuJu Carts > The Eye of Reality
Day2Second-hand groceriesSecond-hand groceries > KR > KK > Don’t miss it when you pass by
Day2[ MUM IC ]Konta N.->Duck-Duck>[ MUM IC ]>BoBo Taylor
Day2Crepuscular RaysCrepuscular Rays>Aphrodite*Fu Paradise
Day2eat pudding catShiny Lurika>Egg Pudding House>eat pudding cat>Flower Libaqiao>CandyBox
Day2FiberZoo25 ~coin de Dieu ~>Silver Moonlight > The room does not have 800 pings
Day2CLOUDLANDCLOUDLAND>Mozhufang>~Floating Light and Glimpse~ 6 booths in total
Day2Fabri BJDFabriBJD>虓99>Small workshop under the chestnut tree
Day2Dessert bar. sweets BARDessert bar. sweets BAR> can't be rustling
Day2wedding dressFlower gauze wedding decorations>Jade Cat Temple>Plaid cat doll shop
Day2BLUE BEARBLUE BEAR/Dormouse sleep/mini eggs
Day2boss! Your closet for small sizes and cotton dolls has exploded!boss! Your closet for small sizes and cotton dolls has exploded! >Cotton without cotton
Day2Laoyan XiaofangOld Goose Small Square>Lin Fei
Day2Cotton tree blooming cottonCotton tree blooms cotton > gardenia