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E-ticket Q&A

Here are some common Q&As on e-tickets,

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How do I share the tickets when I buy a group with my friends?

Q:If we buy tickets together with friends, and we buy 3 tickets at a time, will there be three tickets in one QR code, or will it be divided into three QR codes?

A: It will be divided into three QRcodes! You can take screenshots and share them with your friends, each with an independent entry~

Do I scan the same QR code for admission on both days??

A: Every time you buy a ticket, you will receive a QR code, and you will use the same QR code for two days. Each QR button can only be scanned once a day, and cannot be scanned repeatedly on the same day, so if you want to leave the venue and then enter the venue, you must pay attention to whether the hand badge disappears!

How to determine the winner of the advance ticket purchase?

A: Each QR code has an independent serial number, and the lottery is a lottery number, so if you buy a few tickets, you will have several chances to draw a lottery. If you win, we will notify the inbox of the winning number.

If you want to transfer money...?

A: Please choose "Virtual Account Payment", and the website will automatically assign you a one-time transfer account. This account can only remit the amount consistent with the order, and cannot remit more or less, and must be within the transfer period (72 hours) After completing the payment, the remittance can be transferred through mobile online banking or ATM.

Do I need a receipt for admission?

A: Only the audience who bought the package tickets on the spot need to enter the venue with the invoice the next day. The audience who bought the tickets online must recognize the QR code but not the person, and enter the venue by scanning the QR code!

What should I do if I lose my QR code?

A: Please contact the preparatory team for a reissue. We will reissue an identical QR code to your designated mailbox according to the background purchase record.