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One-minute quick ticket purchase instruction

PC version

Mobile version

In-store ticket purchase

Starting from 3/12, you can buy tickets at the Star Alliance Taichung store every Sunday during business hours!

☆Business hours: Every Sunday from 1pm to 8pm.
☆ If there is a holiday, it will be announced onStar Alliance Fan Page, Remember to confirm whether it is open on the day before departure!
☆ This event fully adopts electronic tickets. Going to the store to buy tickets is also a virtual electronic ticket, and there is no physical ticket.

Event on-site ticket purchase

☆ One-day tickets is sold at $160 NTD.
☆ You can also enjoy a discounted price of 300 yuan if you buy a package ticket on site, butTickets purchased on-site do not have the right to enter the venue first., please forgive me (advanced admission is only available for "Early Bird Discount Ticket").
☆ The number of package tickets is limited.
☆ A paper invoice will be given directly to the on-site purchase of the same-day ticket, and will be stamped on the back of the entrant's hand.
☆ If you buy a two-day ticket on the spot, you will be given a paper invoice directly, and it will be stamped on the back of your hand. When you enter the venue on the second day, please show the ticket purchase invoice on the first day to get your hand stamped (in vernacular: the invoice is the entry on the second day) certificate,to put away).
☆ Please show your hand stamp at the entrance and exit. If it is blurred, please go to the information desk to replace it before it disappears.If you do not show your hand stamp, the staff has the right to prohibit you from entering the venue.