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【攤位主限定】Day1 線上票


In response to environmental protection and paperless, electronic tickets are used in all events, and the tickets will be automatically sent to your mailbox after payment.
Please show the admission QRcode on the day of the event, and the staff will scan the code and check the ticket to enter the venue.


  • This ticket is limited to the owner of the booth. You can only buy one ticket per booth (two tickets for two booths, and so on). Please be sure to enter the name of the booth below. After payment, the preparation team will review the purchase qualifications. If you do not meet the purchase qualifications orders will be refunded separately.
  • This couponDoes not participatePre-sale ticket hanger cabinet lottery, but there are the same advance admission benefits as the early bird two-day package.
  • This ticket is designed to facilitate the booth owner to purchase in advanceNewsstand DayOnline tickets (for example, the owner of the booth on Day 1, and the audience on Day 2), on the day before the newsstand, you can use this ticket to queue up at the general entrance to enter the venue first (entry starts at 10:30).
  • If the elf also wants to buy tickets for the unnewsstand day, it is recommended that the elf buy it【Advanced】Early Bird Discount Ticket(300 yuan). On the day of setting up the stall, you can go to the club entrance to scan the QR code with the stall owner to enter the venue. On the day when the stall is not open, you can go to the general entrance to enter the venue first. The average daily ticket price is 150 yuan. Concessionary fares are the same.
  • The operation method of electronic ticket purchase can refer tothis article, it only takes 1 minute to complete the ticket purchase!
  • Activity time:morning:open admission.No admission after 15:30, the activity will end at 16:00 pm, please refer to for detailsentry regulations.
  • For other questions, please refer toE-ticket Q&A, if you cannot answer your questions, please contact the organizing team.


Event Details

Please present this QRcode on the day of the activity, and the staff will scan the code and check the ticket to enter the venue.

Date: 2023-05-20

Start time: 10:30 CST

End time: 15:30 CST

Venue: Taichung City North District National Sports Center

Directions: No. 55, Section 1, Chongde Road, North District, Taichung City 404