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【Consignment Stand】

Provide brand owners with a convenient selling channel

In order to provide a sales window for brand owners who cannot attend the exhibition.
The conference launched the "Consignment Booth Service",
Our staff will manage the booth in a unified manner and collect the payment for the goods.
After the exhibitiom, consignment team will reconcile with all the stall owners and pay for the sold goods!

Registration and Fee

☆Consignment booth service is only provided on commercial session (5/20).
☆ There are a total of 10 consignment booths, and each brand is limited to register one booth. No booth union service, and duplicate registration with common booths is not allowed.
☆ Brands interested in registering for consignment booths should fill in the registration form and submit an application during the period from August 15, 2022 to September 15, 2022. If the number of registration booths exceeds 10 booths, lots will be drawn to select the admitted brands.
☆ Since the consignment booth needs extra manpower to support,a booth fee of $650 NTD will be charged for each booth, and a consignment fee of 10% will be charged according to the turnover after the transaction..

Rlues for Consignment Goods

☆ Only new and flawless original products and agent products can be sold.Second-hand products, sample dress, defective products, pirated products or copyright-disputed products are strictly forbidden.

☆ We provide listed payment methods: cash, LinePay (4% extra handling fee), credit card (4% extra handling fee) . Additional handling fees will be paid by consumers.

☆ Delivery of payment: The conference will provide settlement details within 30 working days after the event. The details include product sales volume, turnover, deduction of consignment sales fee, and deduction of shippment for the brand owner to check. DollGalaxy will send back the unsold product and remit the payment and within 7 working days after the verification.

☆ The brand owner can provide decorations and samples, but the consignment team will determine the display method of each stall according to the situation on the spot.

☆ In order to speed up the efficiency of checkout, we adopt the POS system for consignment booth. A barcode sticker will be pasted on the outer packaging of each product. If the product is not sold out, it will be sent back directly without tearing off the label.

☆ The upper limit of consignment products per booth is 100 pieces, and the pricing can be set up to 5 different amounts. The calculation method is as follows:

Qualified Wrapping for Consignment Product

☆ The brand owner must clearly mark the size, price, and parts incluede on the outside of the wrap. Please ensure that the goods are free of defects before sending.
☆ Please use transparent packaging for the products so that consumers can quickly see the contents clearly.

Packege Transporting

☆ Please send the package to ''No. 23, Minsheng Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County 500 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)''2023/5/1~2023/5/5 periodSend the consignment goods to the designated place (the receiving address will be sent by email).

☆ Each booth can send up toOne box of productwith sum of three sides less then 150cm.Please select a suitable outer box and fill it with buffers before sending out the package. DollGalaxy will not be responsible for the shipping damage.

☆ After the event,we will choose an appropriate carton according to the remaining quantity of goods, and return the package with T-Cat Express. The round-trip freight will be paid by the brand owner.

☆ If the event needs to be canceled or suspended due to force majeure, the round trip freight will also be fully paid by the brand owner.

Other Matters needing attention

☆ Pre-sale of goods is not allowed to sell in consignment service.

☆ If the goodid founded to be defective after sold, customer will contact brand owner directly for further after-sales service.Consignment fee refunds will not be returned even the After-sales refund happens..

☆DollGalaxy reserves the right to make final revisions, changes, event interpretations and cancellations of this event.