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About Curator

Story of us

DollGalaxy Dolly Paradise

Even though the night sky is vast, the stars all over the sky are still close to each other,
illuminating each other with a soft twilight.

Whether it is an original author or a second-hand seller,
As long as you have passion for BJD in your heart,
We invite you sincerely
to become a part of this vast starry sky.

Even if you can't be here in person,
We also provide consignment service.
Your products be seen and have the opportunity to show highlights on the event.

DollGalaxy, a free stage foreveryone.
Here we invite all of you to join us in this grand event.
Even if the night sky is quiet,
DollGalaxy is still lively and warm.

【Entire Commercial Session on Day1 】
All original creators and agent stores are welcome to join in the grand event.
Please bring all the products and works that you are proud of,
This quiet night sky will be more beautiful and moving because of you.

【Commercial/Second-hand Mixed Session on Day2】
Friends who want to share the secret treasure are welcome to participate.
Taking the opportunity to meet up with
long-lost old friends,
Presumably there are many things I want to tell them.
Take this opportunity to remember the feeling of reflecting each other with light!

Star Alliance BJD Union

Star Alliance was established in 2016,
Founded by Hua Shi Yun in Taiwan.
Founders Sayoko and Tian rented a venue at Taichung in the begining,
driving a pickup truck, carrying everyone's dreams,
Start to sell doll-related products
Once per month in Taichung.

The original intention is to hope that by forming an alliance,
we can create more possibilities by gathering everyone's strength together.
We hope to help young BJD brands in this way,
make BJD culture in Taiwan sustainable.
In the allience, senior brands act as beacons for young brands,
While young brands inspire senior brands with different perspect.
Let this gear keep turning,
maintain positive energy!

Sadly, a year and a half later, Tian died of illness.
To perpetuate her spirit,
we take the proceeds of the market for a year and a half,
add-on with investment form Hua Shi Yun,
trying to find a place to sattle on Yizhong Street in Taichung.
The physical store opened on November 11, 2017.
A home for allience finally established.

There are a total of 12 initial brands in the market in the first year.
Cumulatively, there are currently about 40 brands settled in.
The recruitment continued one per year.
All the like-minded brand owners are welcomed.
Whether you are a full-time business or a part-time interest,
as long as we have the same ideas,
you are all welcome to join us!

Every one in the alliance are little stars, one after another.
In the vast galaxy of the universe,
we shine silently.
We will never give up,
try our best to protect our love,
Until we grow old age,
Burnning with love.

Nebulosa BJD Agency

The vast universe, the faint stars.

Even the earth, which is so small in the universe,
it is already a vast world for human beings,.
Maybe because of time, because of spirit,
human life is too short to appreciate the beauty of it all.
Such a pity -
That's how Nebulosa BJD Agency was born.

Nebulosa – Named after star-gathering sky.
We provide a variety of foreign selected BJD products,
You can enjoy the beautiful products of various countries without traveling.
no need to worry about after-sales service.
All you have to do is peacing mind to enjoy the exciting of cross-international shopping.

At present, we act as agent for nearly 90 brands.
Including human figures, eyeballs,
wigs, clothing, accessories and furniture,
We will keep explore new creators,
make the agent list continues to grow.

Hua Shi Yun

We were established in 2009,
a fashion brand of BJD in Taiwan.
From design, manufacture, to selling,
all the process are under the responsibility of Hua Shi Yun Studio.
The studio is located in Taichung, with a total of 6 members.

we have issued more than thousands of clothing,
About 2,000 items are sold to all over the world every year.

For the love of fashion,
in addition to the original women's clothing line,
we derived other series gradually in recent years,
including young lady, male, teenagers, children's clothing, etc.
Also, we collaborate with artists,
Jointly developed with textile industry and printing industry,
Try to improve and develop clothes that are closer to real people.
It's our final goal to make best doll clothes.

Since 2011,
We start to cooperate agents in Europe, the United States, Hong Kong, China and other places,
continue to grow.