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2 strokes sign up and run 🏃‍♂️

Registration form open at 8pm on 3/5

Welcome to sign up for Day 2 Two Moves Between Stars!

Because some of the babies reacted too early to our move,

Unable to determine how many items are for sale,

Therefore, we specially reserved some Day2 stalls for the second move.

Let partners who confirm the product content late also have the opportunity to join🥰

If you have already registered for a booth on Day 2 for the first time,

If you want to increase the number of booths, you can also register additionally during this time.

The organizer will combine the booths you registered for twice and arrange them together!

(The total number of stalls registered for two times shall not exceed 4 stalls)

★ Recruitment time:2023/3/5~2023/3/12

★ Recruitment target: As long as the theme is related to babies or baby items, brand commercial stalls or second-hand baby stalls are acceptable!

⚠ Please note! This is the last recruitment, if you miss it, you won’t be able to apply again⚠