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Stars 2023 shortlist (two strokes)

The deadline for payment of the booth fee for the list in this announcement is until 2023/3/28. If the payment is overdue, the eligibility for selection will be cancelled.

☆ The stalls selected by the second move on Day 2 will receive a notification letter from the mailbox of the conference. Please refer to the content of the letter to completebooth fee payment.

☆ Booth rental payment ends inThe deadline for booth fee payment is March 28, 2023. Failure to pay within the due date will result in disqualification. Failure to pay within the due date will result in booth cancelation .

☆ If there is a lost booth, the second admission list will be announced on 2023/4/2.

☆ You can refer to the currently confirmed boothsList of Exhibiting Societies, The list of two tricks will be updated one after another after the payment is completed!

club nameNumber of Registration Booths
Stairs to Pocket House1
lost place2
Handmade by Ashan1
Joint Clearing Auction2
Babysitting Center1
Honey Oolong1
wind chime handmade1
mini eggs1
Jasmine Green Tea No Sugar1
forest fawn1
Handmade dyeing2
Naki Naqi studio1
Baby clothes studio after the rain1
ㄙㄇ Used only2
chieh bear2
supreme studio1
second hand dolls1
FIS Yumoshu doll creation1
dressing gown1
boss! Your closet for small sizes and cotton dolls has exploded!1
woman who lost her magic1
Nono Original Cotton1
yuyusweets-Cotton baby used1
Black Carrot2
Dinosaur Claw1
Treasure Chest2
mess around~1
Dolls GameDollsGame2
cotton without cotton1
Fantasy Brigade1
Shameow Workshop1
grapefruit baby clothes1
sheep dream1
►Slimming pants►2
Teddy Castle1
snowball shop1
water stone home1
Xingchenyang Inn1
empty house2
Guoguo_ GUO GUO BJD Clothes1
butterfly ฅ ω ฅ1
Good day handmade1