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Doll Galaxy

Humanoid Doll Culture Expo

2023.5.20-21 The first event in Taichung ended successfully

DAY1 147 clubs, 256 booths
DAY2 170 clubs, 254 stalls

510 booths are on display!

Admission special rules

☆ The event venue is a stadium, in order to maintain the PU material floor,Stilettos are not allowed, Those who wear stilettos will not be able to enter the venue, and the on-site event personnel reserve the final interpretation right of judgment.
☆ Due to the large number of people on site,
Masks are required to enter, You cannot enter without wearing a mask.
☆ All transactions are strictly prohibited before 10:30, before the opening, all staff (including stall owners and elves) must return to their booths to prepare for the opening. All aisles are cleared before the opening, and all queuing is prohibited.
☆ Avoid danger in the field, all
No running.
☆ When queuing up to enter the venue, one person has one seat. You can't use things to occupy the place, and you can't ask others to arrange it for you (in short:
disable decompression).


Star Alliance




Hua Shi Yun


Bu Yei

A bird that likes to build nest with picked up stories.
Sentence | Push Book | Story | Essay

Dreamland the O.D.

Brick-and-mortar doll store in Kaohsiung.
Product agency and purchasing agency for doll studios in various countries.
BJD various clothing accessories and related products sales.
Provide consignment service
BJD makeup and wire-pulling service
Taobao and overseas purchasing agents (not limited to doll-related)
(Esty, Amazon...etc)

Little Planet :: B516

— Doll ‧ Travel ‧ Life —
clothing making


BJD and doll accessories/ Handmade tiny objects

【 R 】BJD

Stacking the beauty and sorrow of the eighteenth-century court
with baroque aria.
Concerto for the Interwoven Masquerade
weave with ribbon, leather and lace.
Between dawn and dusk,
the dance shall begin.


Provide bjd and related peripheral purchasing,
including Taobao, Weidian and Xianyu Daigou,
Props commission and other related services are accepted.
In addition, there is also a wire pulling service!
Welcome to make an appointment by private message🖐


Make small shoes for your doll,
This is where the sale of small shoes and accessories is announced.

Cotton tree blooming cotton

Taiwan's original cotton doll clothes design platform.
Assisting in the design and development of original cotton doll clothes.

25 ~coin de Dieu~

Select high-quality fabrics for the works,
Using lace beadwork and other decorations,
Let's go to Wonderland with Alice.


The personal studio was established in 2017,
Design, pattern making, garment making, and sales are all completed independently.
Mainly selling men's clothing,
The style is more street fashion and American casual.


Japanese doll clothes and small objects making
Make the work so reluctant to hand it over,
It is the starting point of taking responsibility for yourself.

Nono Original Cotton

Mainly handmade, design, pattern making,
Committed to expanding Taiwan's original hand-made cotton doll clothes


"The town exhibition mascot below is too cute
Really like…"

neck of fox

Good at making all kinds of fantastic animals with clay
Mix pure earth and color powder
Lively restore the warm feelings that animals bring to people

lotus finger

Hopeless fashion control (.

snowball shop

Original baby clothing group, baby group
Any questions are welcome
Welcome overseas GO private

Xingchenyang Inn

Dolls and Friends said to me one day:
They need more Taiwanese cotton doll clothes,
So I came to design cotton doll clothes

Skillful Honpo

Pocket clay. Miniature war chess.
Material sales. Handmade teaching.
Course Design. Custom merchandise.
Proposal for cooperation. Venue for rent.

Soft pottery and pocket teaching: schools, company associations, corporate activities, children's courses, adult interest and professional classes,
Welcome to contact us.

Mooming Craft

Develop baby furniture from the perspective of human furniture,
The texture of the work is real and delicate,
Suitable for every player who pursues the feeling of logs.


Original BJD figure artist,
Good at making doll heads, bodies and eyes.

desert kelp

The crew's hair stylist moved to the brand of hand-modified hair in the baby circle,
Good at making gorgeous and changeable hairstyles.

Fox Tailor

The work focuses on cute Chinese style,
The perfect blend of two different sensations!

By Sun E.

The works are mainly based on the lovely and gorgeous PH style,
full of whimsy

our shoe cabinet

The magical Emma's baby shoe brand.
Affordable goods with high CP value!

floating song like water

Focus on exquisite antiquity,
The work uses a large number of embroidery patterns to increase the richness.

Nebrosa BJD Agency

Introduce dolls from all over the world,
Provide a platform for Taiwanese babies to conveniently buy their favorite products!


"Pawer" refreshment for the staff.


"No one can stop me from falling in love with feeders"


"I'm going to sell you off!"


"I am unhappy 🙁 "


“I love frisbee, Mom and Dad ♥”


"I want to eat!"